Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
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Normcore | Spring Loaded Tamper V4

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  • Rediscover your daily coffee ritual

    Improving upon earlier models with an upgraded central shaft design, the Spring Loaded Tamper V4 from Normcore features interchangeable 15/25/30lb springs for even greater control and more tailored performance.

    Combined with the ingenious levelling plate design that ensures level tamping by resting on top of the filter basket as you press down at a perfectly right angle, the Spring Loaded Tamper empowers improved consistency in your puck preparation—perfect for the home or professional barista.

    Available in your choice of diameter to suit your filter basket size.

  • Features

    Designed to assist with your espresso workflow consistency.

    Levelling plate design keeps the tamper properly aligned at a right angle to the coffee bed for consistently level tamping.

    Interchangeable pre-calibrated 15/25/30lb springs help control the amount of pressure applied to the puck.

    Includes tamper stand.

    Compatible with various espresso machines and filter basket sizes.

    58.5mm is compatible with Flair 58 and other 58.5mm baskets.
    53.3mm is compatible with Aram, Breville 54mm and La Spaziale S1 baskets.
    51.5mm is compatible with post-millenium (made after 2000) La Pavoni baskets.
    49.7mm is compatible with ROK / Presso espresso makers.
    45.5mm is compatible with Flair PRO / PRO 2 espresso makers.

    Made in China

  • About Normcore

    Inspired by the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Normcore combines the enduring appeal of traditional tools and techniques with the refinement of contemporary minimalism.

    Creating unpretentious, thoughtfully designed and functional coffee wares, Normcore invites you to rediscover your daily coffee ritual through the lens of their understated aesthetic.

    Use & Care

    Please refer to the Spring Loaded Tamper V4 User Guide.


    In line with our own pursuit, Normcore strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you encounter any trouble with one of their products, please contact us.


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