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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
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Weber Workshops | Espresso Paper Filters

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  • The future of espresso preparation

    In collaboration with CAFEC—the leading producer of high-end coffee paper filters—and made exclusively for Weber Workshops, EPF is a first-of-its-kind paper filter made specifically for espresso.

    Placed beneath the coffee puck, paper filters reduce clogging of the basket holes and facilitate a more even extraction, while also preventing higher flow rate at the basket holes, allowing more even water flow through the puck—especially in the bottom section. This enables the use of a finer grind, which increases extraction yield while keeping shot times consistent.

    It does introduce an extra step, but the effort is rewarded with a perceptibly improved shot of espresso.

    Pack of 100 paper filters; available in 58mm (Unifilter/Unibasket Size) or 55mm (For standard 58mm and VST baskets) diameter.


    Made by CAFEC with premium coffee filter paper using the wet crepe method to produce a paper with contrasting surface textures; the smooth size goes against the coffee, and the rough side (the crepe) faces down for smooth liquid exit to the pores of the portafilter. It’s engineered to improve your espresso.

    Precision cut to fit the bottom of your portafilter perfectly.

    Made of premium Japanese virgin pulp; 0.15mm thickness.

    Made in Japan

  • About Weber Workshops

    Founded upon a common desire to build products that are intelligently designed and meticulously crafted, Weber Workshops creates daily instruments that make the daily process easier and the quality better; tools artists use to drive the art forward.

    A diverse team of artists, engineers, dreamers and madmen, Weber Workshops sets out to build products that inspire. Through this lens, they look at things differently, often with a critical eye on how and what they can improve, or when they might need to start over and come up with something entirely new.


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