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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
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Option-O | Lagom P100 Grinder - w. Neat Clicker V2

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  • In Pursuit Of Peak Performance

    Option-O's take on the ultimate grinder, the Lagom P100 is designed from the ground up to provide a seamless workflow and uncompromising performance in any setting.

    Featuring a first-in-industry offset design—enabling an all-in-one package with 98mm SSP flat burrs in a compact footprint, with high-precision stepless adjustment, variable RPM, and minimal retention—the Lagom P100 is a high-throughput workhorse with industrial grade brushless DC motor and ergonomically enhanced intelligent features including auto-off and auto-purging.

    Precision engineered and machined as is the hallmark of the Lagom lineup, the P100 is permanently aligned by design, with toolless disassembly for utmost ease of maintenance and many years of no-fuss enjoyment.

    Now includes Neat Clicker V2; available in Silver or Black, with 98mm SSP High Uniformity Burrs installed.

  • Features

    Unique offset design and all-metal construction; CNC machined to tolerances of <10 microns (0.01mm) and a flatness tolerance of <5 microns for high-precision and permanent alignment with no user alignment required.

    Fitted with SSP Red Speed Coated 98mm High Uniformity burrs for premium grind performance at full range; other 98mm burr options may also be installed.

    Streamlined single-dosing workflow, with minimal retention (<0.1g) and intelligent auto-off and auto-purge RPM ramp up features; simple on/off button can also be used in manual mode.

    Easily calibrated number scale system for grind setting reference.

    Use of the spring-loaded mechanism in grind exit chute helps remove any residue/retention in the chute.

    Robust build quality with industrial grade components and a powerful motor with smart auto-torque setting provides consistent RPM and yields the highest grind uniformity.

    Grinding chamber can be easily accessed for cleaning with toolless disassembly; reassembly and return to previous grind setting is a seamless process.


    Lagom P100 Grinder

    Integrated portafilter fork (58mm)

    58mm magnetic dosing funnel

    VERSA magnetic transfer cup, CNC machined from aluminium and anodised to provide nonstick surface

    Workflow accessories, including dosing cup, WDT tool and RDT spray bottle for your convenience


    6061-T6 CNC machined and anodised aluminium.


    1300W brushless DC motor with adjustable RPM (200-1700 RPM)

    Capacity: Funnel holds up to 100g, and beans can be fed continuously for larger batch brewing

    Grind throughput: Up to 5g/sec at espresso setting

    Dimensions: L9" x W5.9" x H15.5" | L23cm x W15cm x H39.5cm

    Weight: 14.8kg

    Engineered in Australia

    Made in China

  • About Option-O

    Comprised of a team of engineers-turned-coffee-enthusiasts, Option-O has a simple mission: to create beautiful grinders that last and make delicious coffee.

    Based in Australia's coffee capital, Melbourne, with their own independently operated workshop in China, Option-O's end-to-end control over the design and manufacturing process allows them to ensure that each and every grinder they produce meets their lofty standards and will satisfy even the most demanding of baristas.

    Use & Care

    Regular cleaning will keep your grinder running smoothly and tasting fresh. Burrs are easily accessed, and can be cleaned with a dry brush and/or commercially available grinder cleaning pellets.

    For further info, please refer to the Lagom P100 User Guide, or contact us.


    The Lagom P100 carries a 1-Year limited manufacturer's warranty, and guarantee of lifetime support. Per their singular guiding pillar, Option-O grinders are made to last and should provide high-quality grinding for many years to come. Should you encounter any issues or concerns with your grinder, please contact us and we'll be happy to get you back up and running.

Colour: Silver

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