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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250

CAFEC | Traditional Deep 45 Coffee Filters (100pk)

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  • Paper, but not just paper

    Specially designed for use with CAFEC's Deep Dripper, the Deep 45 filters contain a 45° angle—steeper than other conical shape filters.

    For brewing 3-7 Cups.

    Produced using a through air drying technique, CAFEC's Traditional Paper Filters feature two-sided crepe texturing, with the inside crepe enhancing the total surface area to allow for fines adhesion without obstructing water path, and the outside crepe maintaining a cushion of air between the filter and dripper.

    Together with CAFEC's fine-mesh paper texture, the composition of these filters promotes a stable and speedy flow of water for consistent brewing conditions.

    Pack of 100 filters.

  • Features

    Specially designed for use with CAFEC's Deep Dripper, with a 45° angle.

    Through air drying paper in a flat state (versus rotary drum drying) produces two-sided crepe texturing with maintained crepe height.

    Inside crepe enhances total surface area to maintain smooth water path despite fines adhesion; outside crepe maintains a layer of air between filter and dripper to promote steady flow.

    Fine mesh paper facilitates stable flow of water with superior clarity in the cup.


    Virgin pulp.

    Made in Japan

  • About CAFEC

    Pioneers of paper coffee filter manufacturing since 1973, Sanyo Sangyo created the CAFEC brand in 2016 to tell their story and to share their passion for hand-drip coffee through the products they provide.

    Empowering home and professional baristas with high-quality brewing tools, CAFEC's designs are meticulously studied and crafted to make delicious coffee easier and more accessible to those who enjoy it, and to fill you—and your cup—with happiness in the process.

    Use & Care

    As with any paper filter, you may optionally rinse through with hot water to remove any remaining paper taste prior to your brew.

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