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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250

Flair | PRO 2 Split Spout

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    Now you can brew for two with the Split Spout accessory for your PRO 2 brew head. Simply attach the shot splitter to the outlet of your Stainless Steel Spout, place two cups beneath, and pull your shot as your normally would; the Split Spout will do the rest by conveniently dividing your shot in two.

    Requires the PRO 2 Portafilter with Stainless Steel Spout.


    Food-safe plastic split spout attaches to the PRO 2 Portafilter with Stainless Steel Spout to divide your shot into two cups.

    Compatible only with the PRO 2 brew head; requires the Stainless Steel Spout.

    Designed in California, U.S.A.

    Made in China


    Born from a desire to make espresso without any unnecessary gadgetry or the complexity of high-end machines, Flair set out with one mission: to make espresso in the comfort of one's home or anywhere you go.

    Combining thirty years of engineering experience and a love for pure, delicious espresso, Flair created a simple, elegant, and affordable solution that speaks to their mantra of enjoying the process as much as the destination and slowing down to savour the best things in life—like espresso made right.

    USE & CARE

    For detailed brewing tips, please visit Flair's Brewing Guide page or contact us.


    Made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, the Flair Espresso Maker comes with a 5-Year limited warranty on Press Stand & Brewing Cylinder. Parts that are more subject to normal wear and tear, such as O-rings, Silicone Sleeve, Piston, and Portafilter are warranted against defects in material, design or workmanship for 6-months, although these items are expected to last beyond the warranty.

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