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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250

Normcore | Ultra-Thin Coffee Scale

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  • Rediscover your daily coffee ritual

    Developed with baristas in mind, the compact and stylish Coffee Scale from Normcore features an ultra-thin 20mm platform that empowers it to satisfy both filter and espresso brewing.

    Minimalist by design, featuring essential time and weight functions with an abundantly user-friendly operation, the Normcore scale offers precise and fast readings with 0.1g resolution up to 2kg. Complete with a protective cover and USB-C rechargeable battery, the Ultra-Thin Coffee Scale is ideally suited for home or café use.

  • Features

    Ultra-thin design is just 20mm high, allowing for utmost versatility with both espresso and/or filter brewing use.

    High precision weighing accuracy of ±0.1g, with a capacity of 2000g.

    Fast response for improved accuracy while brewing.

    User-friendly operation, with capacitive touch keys for power on/off, weight/tare and integrated timer.

    15-hour lithium ion battery life, with Type-C USB recharging cable.

    Auto shut-off: 5 minutes w/o timer active.

    Weight display in g, ml or oz.

    Includes heat-resistant pad, PU leather round coaster, and silicone protective cover.


    W15.4cm × D14cm × H2cm | W6.05" x D5.5" x H0.79"

    Made in China

  • About Normcore

    Inspired by the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Normcore combines the enduring appeal of traditional tools and techniques with the refinement of contemporary minimalism.

    Creating unpretentious, thoughtfully designed and functional coffee wares, Normcore invites you to rediscover your daily coffee ritual through the lens of their understated aesthetic.

    Use & Care

    Please refer to the Ultra-Thin Coffee Scale User Guide.


    In line with our own pursuit, Normcore strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you encounter any trouble with one of their products, please contact us.

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