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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
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Normcore | WDT Distribution Tool V2

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  • Rediscover your daily coffee ritual

    Eliminate clumps, redistribute your grind, and improve the consistency of your puck preparation with the WDT Distribution Tool from Normcore.

    Featuring 9 prongs in a simple handheld design to suit any portafilter size, the needle distributor tool facilitates the Weiss Distribution Technique to help minimise channelling and improve the evenness and quality of your extractions.

    Equipped with a magnetic handle top for ease of storage and safekeeping when not in use, the WDT Tool is designed with baristas in mind and is a handy addition to any espresso ritual.


    Designed to assist with your espresso workflow consistency.

    9-prong needle distribution tool for stirring your coffee bed to evenly redistribute the grind and enhance the quality of your extraction; includes 5 replacement needles.

    Magnetic handle top can be affixed to any metal surafce (e.g. the side of your espresso machine); includes an adhesive metal plate to extend the magnetic storage ability to any surface.


    Total Length: 3.54" | 90mm

    Diameter: 1.1" | 28mm

    Wire Length: 1.97" | 50mm

    Made in China


    Inspired by the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Normcore combines the enduring appeal of traditional tools and techniques with the refinement of contemporary minimalism.

    Creating unpretentious, thoughtfully designed and functional coffee wares, Normcore invites you to rediscover your daily coffee ritual through the lens of their understated aesthetic.

    USE & CARE

    Rinse clean as needed and allow to dry fully.


    In line with our own pursuit, Normcore strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you encounter any trouble with one of their products, please contact us.

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