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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
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Option-O | 64mm Mizen Flat Burrs

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    The culmination of years of research and experience with premium burr sets and their own iterative design, Option-O's Mizen burrs have been developed to serve a key role in determining the performance of their grinders—just as the mizenmast does for a ship.


    Featuring a fine-tuned variation on the popular 'Lab Sweet' cast burr geometry and profile—with a proprietary finishing process providing unique surface properties to further accentuate the potential cup quality—the 64mm Mizen Omni burrs have been designed as an all-purpose set to excel in fine grinding for espresso use as well as coarser grinding for pour over and other brew methods.

    Yielding a grind distribution and corresponding profile that balances clarity and flavour separation without sacrificing body and mouthfeel, the Mizen Omni burrs are best suited for those seeking an all-purpose burr set for medium to light roasts, and can be enjoyed with any roast degree.


    Drawing inspiration from traditional-style aggressive cut burrs, the 64mm Mizen Espresso Burrs utilise grind bypass paths to modulate the coffee grinding dynamics and—together with their finishing process and unique surface process—produce unexpectedly distinctive characteristics that approach an ideal espresso.

    Producing traditional-style espresso but with heightened sweetness, improved balance, velvety mouthfeel and a pleasant, lingering finishm the Mizen Espresso burrs are best suited for espresso enthusiasts and can be enjoyed with any roast degree.
  • Features

    Hardened stainless steel 64mm flat burr set; compatible with Option-O Lagom P64 Grinder.

    Each burr is flat ground to a 0.005mm (5 micron) specification and finished with a propietary treatment process to provide them unique surface properties to maximise the potential of their grind quality.

    Profile notes

    When used for espresso, the Omni burrs provide enhanced flavour separation and clarity in the cup, showcasing the flavours of the coffee terroir and processing without sacrificing the body/mouthfeel you would expect with traditional flat burrs. The unique surface finish process produces relatively low fines, which equates to clean and sweet characteristics in the cup. The Omni burrs are suitable for all roast levels, and are optimised for those who enjoy medium roast level and/or lighter.

    When used for coarser grinding (e.g. pour over or immersion brew), the Omni burrs produce a highly uniform grind with relatively low fines and a distribution that is slightly broader than that of the SSP Unimodal burrs but still rather focused relative to traditional flat burrs. The net result is the ability to achieve complex and juicy cups with satisfying mouthfeel and minimal astringency.

    When used for espresso, the Espresso burrs offer a coffee experience reminiscent of traditional-style espresso but with heightened sweetness, a slight bump in clarity, improved balance, and a pleasing finish, all while minimizing bitterness.

    Engineered in Australia

    Made in China

  • About Option-O

    Comprised of a team of engineers-turned-coffee-enthusiasts, Option-O has a simple mission: to create beautiful grinders that last and make delicious coffee.

    Based in Australia's coffee capital, Melbourne, with their own independently operated workshop in China, Option-O's end-to-end control over the design and manufacturing process allows them to ensure that each and every grinder they produce meets their lofty standards and will satisfy even the most demanding of baristas.

    Use & Care

    Regular cleaning will keep your grinder running smoothly and tasting fresh. Burrs are easily accessed without tools, and can be cleaned with a dry brush and/or commercially available grinder cleaning pellets.

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