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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250

ROK | GC Conversion Kit

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  • Great Coffee Just Got Easier

    Requiring half the force to produce the same pressure as its predecessor, ROK's all-new and totally re-engineered Glass Composite (GC) brew chamber & piston make it easier than ever to handcraft rich, crema-topped espresso.

    Easily retrofitted to your existing ROK/Presso Espresso Maker—since we know you still love it—the GC Conversion kit provides enhanced insulation, pressure, accuracy, and uncompromising performance.

    Now includes the new Competition Screen for a more even and less forceful distribution of water across the coffee bed, resulting in less channelling and more consistent extractions.

  • Features

    New glass composite brew chamber design provides superior insulation and produces same pressure as original with significantly less force, delivering twice the performance.

    Smaller holes and locked-in placement of the overhauled silicone shower screen provide greater precision for a cleaner and more consistent extraction.

    Compatible with all previous ROK/Presso Espresso Makers.


    4-piece kit includes glass composite brew cylinder & piston/plunger, silicone o-ring and Competition Screen.

    Designed and Engineered in London

    Made in China

  • About ROK

    ROK is committed to supporting your personal coffee journey—exploring fresh grind, craft roasts and heading for the so-called ‘God-shot' with a hands-on process that yields a more rewarding experience.

    With sustainability of materials and methods as a guiding principle, ROK engineers products to last decades while minimising energy use: no unnecessary electric pumps or motors to wear out—instead harnessing simple mechanical advantage; no throwaway upgrade cycle, no wasteful coffee pods, and no wasteful packaging.

    Use & Care

    Please watch ROK's GC Conversion Kit Installation video.

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