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Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250
Wholesale Pricing for Approved Accounts | Minimum Order $250

ROK | Portafilter

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  • Designed to Handle your Espresso Needs

    Add even greater versatility to the ROK Espresso Maker with your choice of portafilter: Classic (spouted), Naked (bottomless), Crema Plus (pressurised), or new Stainless Steel (spouted) models with your choice of Black or Beech handle.

    While classic portafilters offer great convenience in that they gather the extracted coffee into a clean stream and allow you to split the shot if you so choose, they can potentially diminish the crema and do not offer any visibility of the extraction itself.

    Bottomless portafilters, for those who are brave enough to go naked, expose everything—the good and the bad—and provide live feedback and insight on the quality of your extraction so you can continue to chase the elusive God-shot.

    Pressurised baskets, as with the Crema Plus portafilter, help to regulate pressure and contact time without relying on the grind to do so, and empower good results with a less capable grinder or with pre-ground coffee.

  • Features

    50mm portafilter with 49.7mm 17g basket brews a double-shot of espresso.

    Classic, Naked and Crema Plus portafilter heads are manufactured of chrome-plated die-cast zinc supporting a stainless steel basket.

    New Stainless Steel models are manufactured entirely of high-grade stainless steel.

    Designed and Engineered in London

    Made in China

  • About ROK

    ROK is committed to supporting your personal coffee journey—exploring fresh grind, craft roasts and heading for the so-called ‘God-shot' with a hands-on process that yields a more rewarding experience.

    With sustainability of materials and methods as a guiding principle, ROK engineers products to last decades while minimising energy use: no unnecessary electric pumps or motors to wear out—instead harnessing simple mechanical advantage; no throwaway upgrade cycle, no wasteful coffee pods, and no wasteful packaging.


    As with all ROK products, metal parts are guaranteed for 10 years.


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